Sundog Creations

Broadcast & Social Media Video Ad

Step into the world of Vermont’s idyllic summers, characterized by outdoor adventures, leisure, and the warmth of friendship. Vermont is renowned for its abundant offerings, spanning from the majestic Green Mountains to the serene beauty of Lake Champlain. As Vermonters, we relish every opportunity to bask in the great outdoors during the sun-kissed months.

This outdoor-centric lifestyle seamlessly extends to our homes, becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Our objective with this advertisement was to forge a deep connection with Vermonters in their domestic sanctuaries. From lazy afternoons by the backyard pool to lively family barbecues, and the simple joy of watching the sunset over the Adirondacks from the comfort of Adirondack chairs, these cherished pastimes define the essence of Vermont living when we’re not out exploring.

Our primary mission was to create a visual narrative that encapsulates this leisurely Vermont lifestyle, making “The Lighting House” the heart of this unforgettable experience.

The Lighting House