Sundog Creations

We have always drawn a tremendous amount of inspiration from the natural world. The beauty, resilience, and adaptability of nature and its many lessons has guided us our entire lives. Growing up in a small town in Vermont, our relationship with the environment around us was immediate. We feel the most alive when we’re out in the field pushing ourselves to capture new moments and exploring stories from new perspectives. Sundog Creations was founded by Dana Ambrose and Jake Dombek with the goal of sharing the unique stories of Vermont businesses and helping them to find their niche in ever competitive markets. We started Sundog Creations because we want to visually express the real stories of Vermont businesses, while using our marketing knowledge to strategically place these stories in front of interested audiences.

Jake Dombek


Jake is drawn to experiences that make him feel small while encouraging him to think big. He’s paddled a canoe 800 miles to Alaska and performed a solo flute concerto in front of hundreds of people. He thrives off creative challenges that inspire him to think differently, question societal norms, and discover new things about the world. He obtained a degree in marketing and communications from Ithaca College to gain the tools and knowledge to tell stories that otherwise wouldn’t be heard and to share them with communities that care.

Jake Dombek co-owner of sundog creations
Photography Fanatic
Reincarnated Transcendentalist
Drinks coffee close to Sludge

Dana Ambrose


Dana has always been a visual and kinesthetic learner. He loves spending time interacting with the surrounding natural environment. As a marketing professional and visual artist he searches for raw, authentic moments that aspire to be harnessed and shared. Dana graduated from The University of Vermont with a degree in marketing and a minor in community and international development. These complementary perspectives allow him to understand effective messaging, and how communities of interest and place develop, interact, and evolve.

Dana Ambrose co-owner of sundog creations
Actively Looks for match cuts
always wanted to start a business
Can be found grilling in a snowstorm