Sundog Creations

Guide Construction Solutions

Scope of Work

Website design & Brand identity

  • Market & Competitive Research
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Custom Website Design & Management
  • Branded Photography/Headshots
  • Portfolio Photography
  • Company Video
  • Social Media Profile Creation & Management

Guide Construction Solution approached us as a new design & build company, about to enter the competitive homebuilding arena in Vermont. Their team is small but their experience and knowledge is extensive. What set Guide apart was their ability and willingness to connect and communicate with clients honestly, while still delivering incredible results. They are equally invested in educating and informing clients decision making during the design & build process as they are dedicated to producing high quality work that makes their customers happy. The team at Guide lives incredibly active lifestyles, and engages with the natural world on a daily basis, often bringing their friends along. Guiding people through the build process to overcome mental and physical challenges is truly an extension of who they are and what they do best. Our role was to visually express these parallels between their profession and lifestyle, while communicating their knowledge and wisdom of the design/build landscape. 

Company Video

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